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Map of Burn Braes mapBurn Braes map

Burn Braes Park is the Site of several of the Museums for which Biggar has gained national recognition.
At the North end of the map stands Greenhill Farmhouse which was rescued from dereliction on its previous location at Wiston to form a Covenanting museum, reminding us of the signing of the National Covenant, The Civil War, and the “Killing Time”.

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On the East side of the of the Park stands the “flagship” of the Biggar Museum Trust, the Moat Park Heritage Centre. This former church was opened by HRH The Princess Royal and reflects the history of the area from the ancient formation of the Clyde and Tweed Valleys to the present day.
At the southern edge of the Park stands Biggar Gas Works Museum, a branch of the National Museum of Scotland. Gas came to Biggar in 1839 and demand increased steadily until major reconstruction in 1914 brought the Gasworks into more or less its present form. The coming of North Sea Gas to Biggar in 1973 brought about the closure of the works. However it still retains the sights and smells of a small town gasworks.

Carmichael Old House 1

Copy of the Old House Wood Map circa 1750.

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Map of Lanark Racecourse mapLanark Racecourse map

Orienteering began at Lanark Racecouse in January 1987 when over 400 competitors took part in an open event organised by SAOC (now STAG). The map and this competition provided the foundation for Tinto Orienteering Club which was formed in October 1987.

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Used for:Lanark Racecourse - 4 May 2010

Used for:Lanark Racecourse Country Park - Wednesday 16 May 2018

Used for:Tinto Twin-Scottish Score Champs, 1/2 Nov 2008

Used for:Tinto Twin Night Event 2013 - Lanark Racecourse

Used for:Training Activity, Lanark Loch and Racecourse, 6 May

Used for:Training Activity, Lanark Loch and Racecourse, 19 May

Near: Lanark, GoogleMap, OS Grid ref. NS 900427

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Racing has taken place at Lanark Moor since at least the early 17th Century. Local tradition places this date much earlier however, with racing for the Silver Bell reputedly the oldest horse race in Europe, taking place from the mid-12th Century. This race has had many famous winners including royalty with the victory of Kingstone giving King George VI the trophy. Despite crowds of over 50,000 in the 1940’s and 50’s horse racing ceased at Lanark in 1977. There have been many other uses made of the racecouse area over the years including the first National Cross Country Championships, a flying school which operated from 1910-1914 and as an army training ground during World War II. The remains of part of this Army training area can be seen in the south east corner of the map with many pits and ruins in evidence. The buildings in this area are of the former Winston Barracks, now RAF Lanark.
The Golf Club at the north of the map was formed in 1851 and the original four hole course has been developed into a highly respected course which stages an open championships pre-qualifying round.

Map of Rachan and Dreva Hill mapRachan and Dreva Hill map

The prominent geographical position of this area is evident from the early signs of both habitation and fortification.

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Used for:Rachan, 8th Sept 2009

Used for:SOL 7 and Twenty Fifth Tinto Twin Day Event

Near: Broughton, GoogleMap, OS Grid ref. NT 137354

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The Dreva Craig Fort together with its twin protector - Tinnis Castle and Fort to be seen to the south east of Dreva - guarded the gap between the Tweed valley and that of the upper Clyde. Dreva’s relatively poor natural protection was in part alleviated by the Chevaux De Frise - a feature rare in Scotland which can be seen by the numerous large stones arranged by man to provide a formidable obstacle to attacking enemies on foot, horseback or chariot.
Portions of the wall of the Fort can still be found on the hill and measure up to 4.3m thick at the base. Remnants of later undefended settlements and of a Celtic field system can still be seen surrounding the northern part of the Fort.

Both natural and man made linear features bisect the map with Biggar Water and the railway line which formerly joined the West coast main line to the Borders Waverley line cutting through the area from west to east and the River Tweed forming the Eastern boundary. The former branch line, which runs along part of the west side of the area, was built to provide transport for the men and material, which combined to build the Talla reservoir to serve Edinburgh with clean water.

Several landmarks in the area relate to the life of Merlin, the Druid wizard of King Cole, the ruler of 6th Century Strathclyde who retired as a Christian to this area. Merlindale and Merlin’s Stone are beyond the boundaries of the map.

The area is currently part of Rachan Home and Dreva Farms which are both owned and farmed by the Warnock Family who have kindly granted permission for orienteering.


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