Lots of Beavers in the Park!

Castlebank Park, 17 April 2012

Lanark’s 2 colonies of Beavers joined us in Castlebank Park on Tuesday evening for an introduction to Orienteering. They took part very successfully in small teams (with wonderful names) in up to 4 courses around the park. Both the children and the leaders and helpers enjoyed the challenge set on what was a cool, dry, spring evening. Courses were tackled in a random order, with the teams gaining better times as they completed more courses, or perhaps some became slower as they got tired! Look for your team on the results page. Welcome too, to the McLintock Family. Teams were:

Autobots - Jak Dunlop, Kai Stonebanks, Reuben Harvey
Castlebank Pirates - Robbie Davenhill and Christopher Stewart
Garfield - Ethan and Gregor
Golden Girls - Sophie, Rachel, Lily, Emily
Hunters - Oliver, Callum, Christopher, Shaun
Monsters - Ross Alcock, Jack Gordon, Issac Stroab
Non Defeatables - Jacob and Campbell
Rocking Beavers - Sandy Barr, Benjamin Mitchell
Rock n Roll - Lori and Abigail
Spiro Unleashed - Finlay, Connor, Ruaridh Logan, Ruaridh Whitehead
Spongebob - Laurie and Max
Superstars - Ross Brodie and Sam Noonan
Terrific Two - Lucy West and Ruby Banks
The Winners - Lewis Ramsey, Maxwell Coke, Lulu Whitehead, Millar Coke, Callum Strang

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by Lorna Young


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