Planner’s and Organiser’s Reports

Tinto Twin 2013 Day Event and SOUL 6

Unusually for Tinto, we have been a little slow at embracing Urban Orienteering but our first effort, SOUL 6, seemed to go down well. Thank you for the comments about the map - well done Ross - and the courses.

From the early days of Tinto – this was our 26th Tinto Twin – I have wanted to finish an event running down into the World Heritage Village of New Lanark. We had always expected that this would be a circular course from Corehouse on the other side of the Clyde but the bridge from the village to the Nature Reserve has never materialised. The advent of Urban Racing has therefore been the innovation that has allowed this to come to fruition.

Lanark itself has many neuks and crannies that even most Lanarkians probably don’t visit very often so I hope you enjoyed the route choices and have now had the opportunity to see the ones you missed in the hustle and bustle of “combat”.

Hopefully next time you will get the opportunity to visit the Northern part of the town which offers yet more challenges.

My thanks to everyone who helped with the event. John Biggar: for his easy going but efficient and effective controlling. Ross: for the great job and many hours producing the map. Marcella: for all her organisational skills and calming effect. Robin: for taking the strain off the club with the computing. Tinto members and friends who always rally round for our annual jamboree and last but not least Lorna – and this year Lynn – without whom I couldn’t commit the time and effort into a successful event!

Blair Young

Many thanks to Tinto members who helped to put on the Tinto Twin, not forgetting family and honorary members such as Lynn Young, Janet Albin, Ross McLennan and Fiona Berrow.  Thanks also to our friends from other clubs, without whom the event could not have taken place: Robin and Sheila Strain, John and Doreen Biggar, Les and Heather Smithard, Crawford and Sally Lindsay, Pauline McAdam, Ewart Scott and Margaret Dalgleish. Apologies to anyone I may inadvertently have missed.

Thanks also go to Lanark Rugby Club and New Lanark for the use of their facilities, without which the events would have been very difficult to stage.

Photo of authorPosted on 27th Oct 13
by Lorna Young


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