Tinto Twin History

This event is a two day competition which is held in October each year. It is a night and day competition as the first part of the event is on a Saturday night and the other part is on the Sunday morning.

The first Tinto Twin event was held at Carmichael Estate at the Halloween weekend in 1988. Those of us who were there can remember that when Sunday dawned it was a bitterly cold morning having had a very heavy overnight frost. We thought we had done very well to have flushing toilets hired in from the council. Great but the council official who delivered them on the Friday insisted that he should fill the supply tank with water. They froze and we ended up with a bit of a mess!

Tinto Twin Venues

1988 Carmichael Estate
1989 Douglas and Happendon
1990 Drumlanrig
1991 Carmichael Estate/Douglas Estate
1992 Lanark Racecourse/Forest of Ae
1993 Happendon/Stonehill Wood
1994 Dalmacallan
1995 Firpark
1996 Dalmacallan
1997 Carmichael Estate
1998 Newcastleton
1999 Rachan and Dreva
2000 Newcastleton
2001 Eastend/Carmichael Estate
2002 Drumlanrig
2003 Inshriach
2004 Newcastleton
2005 Altarstone
2006 Stonehill Wood/Firpark
2007 Firpark/Altarstone
2008 Lanark Racecourse/Rachan and Dreva
2009 Beecraigs Country Park/Witch Craig Wood
2010 Inshriach
2011 Altarstone
2012 Carmichael Estate/Dreva and Mucklemuir
2013 Lanark Racecourse/New Lanark Urban
2014 Carmichael Estate/Happendon Wood
2015 Firpark

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