11 Person relay 2006

11 Person Relay, 2006

The 11 person relay organised by ECKO took place at at Achlean near Feshie Bridge on 9/9/06, and Tinto decided to field a team for the first time in a while.

We were the last team to finish in 21st place out of 26 with 5 teams non comp or disq. Our total time was 10hours 06 minutes and the nearest other clubs in 20th place was GRAMP in 8hours 35 with SOLWAY 19th in 8 hours 31mins. Our net time is still being calculated is only a little over 4 hours once the mass starts are taken into account. 16th place was 3 hours 37 net. So any one of us could have run a little bit faster and made no difference. We did however find all the control points and have a great day out and everyone enjoyed themselves. Although we had a big handicap of 29 minutes that was not enough to make much of a difference so if like me you think we need a special small clubs section then go to the ECKO web site and try the amazing route gadget software and tell them what you think



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11 Person relay 2006 11 Person relay 2006 11 Person relay 2006

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Near: aviemore, scotland  GoogleMap