Harvester 2006

The event was held on moorland at Teviothead over a very hot night. We ran 59.2km with 2215 meters of climb and correctly found 135 control points over 7 laps in just over 12 hours running time. We made no punching errors and no one retired from injury midge allergy or exhaustion. We, as a team, covered the hours of dusk, dark, dawn and day without a serious problem and together as the new TINTO - “possibly the best small club in Scotland” - competed with EUOC, CLYDE , INT and FVO as the only A class teams.

Although the word competition is tested here we succeeded against our main rival- our confidence to succeed- and that was as the best"qualified” handicapped trophy team. Trish thinks it should be like a golf handicap which would maybe put us in third place overall. However the sight of Trish in the mass start A class as one of only two females and only 15 years older than the next youngest competitor will stay with me for years. Perhaps Gerry can send me the video evidence?
We took 732 minutes finishing 12th ahead of Octavian Droobers but behind SOC 666minutes and SLOW 604 minutes so no single one of us could have brought us up to 11th. Certainly we would all have to be much younger and fitter to match SYO in 388.35 minutes. In the Handicapped Trophy we were 4th out of 5.
For the record
Trish 5.6k 67.48; Blair 9.7k 99.16; Dick 8.0k 128.06; Helen 8.0k 110.05; Gerry 9.8k 116.36; Jason 5.6k 64.57; Steve 12.6k 145.18.
In short thanks everyone for fulfilling our dreams and allowing “Tinto O C” to once again compete at the Harvester- surely in the A class it is the ultimate UK “O” team challenge.


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