Tinto Twin Night Event 2013 - Lanark Racecourse

Saturday 26 October 2013

The Tinto Twin night event returns to the popular Lanark Loch and Racecourse on an updated map. Compete at night in a colour coded course linked to age categories and return to Lanark the following morning to complete an Urban course and be eligible for a Tinto Twin Trophy.

The area is a mixture of mainly pine woodland with an intricate path network and the open land of the main racecourse area.

The event centre will be Lanark Rugby Club.


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The Racecourse is located on the south-east side of Lanark and is accessed from the A73. Parking will be in car park in the centre of the Racecourse adjacent to Lanark Rugby Club and the Football Facilities.


A Open Men
B Veteran Men 40+, Open Women, Open B
C Supervet Men 55+, Veteran Women 40+, Open C
D Ultravet Men 65+, Supervet Women 55+. Open D
E Ultravet Women 65+, Open E
F Junior Men 16-, Junior Women 16-, Open F
G Young Junior Men 12-, Young Junior Women 12-, Open G

Start times:

1830-1930 hours

Entry Fees:

Seniors £8, Juniors £4
Enter via Oentries:  https://oentries.com/event/details/354-tinto-twin-night-event-2013
Closing date:  21 October 2013


Organiser: Marcella McLennan
Planner: John Robertson
Controller: John Biggar,RR

FInal Instructions

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Information about the location

Near: Lanark, Scotland  GoogleMap

Map of Lanark Racecourse mapTerrain description

Orienteering began at Lanark Racecouse in January 1987 when over 400 competitors took part in an open event organised by SAOC (now STAG). The map and this competition provided the foundation for Tinto Orienteering Club which was formed in October 1987.

Racing has taken place at Lanark Moor since at least the early 17th Century. Local tradition places this date much earlier however, with racing for the Silver Bell reputedly the oldest horse race in Europe, taking place from the mid-12th Century. This race has had many famous winners including royalty with the victory of Kingstone giving King George VI the trophy. Despite crowds of over 50,000 in the 1940’s and 50’s horse racing ceased at Lanark in 1977. There have been many other uses made of the racecouse area over the years including the first National Cross Country Championships, a flying school which operated from 1910-1914 and as an army training ground during World War II. The remains of part of this Army training area can be seen in the south east corner of the map with many pits and ruins in evidence. The buildings in this area are of the former Winston Barracks, now RAF Lanark.
The Golf Club at the north of the map was formed in 1851 and the original four hole course has been developed into a highly respected course which stages an open championships pre-qualifying round.

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