Rachan, 8th Sept 2009

Results from the event.
Thanks to all for attending. Thanks to Gerry for his enjoyable event.



Long Course     
Blair Young  35.35   
Adam Telfer  37.56   
Les Smithard  49.46   
John Robertson  52.47   
Marcella McLennan  56.11   
Dick Carmichael  56.30   
Medium Course     
Trish Carmichael  35.01   
Rick Richardson  39.19   
Lorna Young  40.24   
John Telfer  41.36   
Heather Smithard  49.47   

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Information about the location

Near: Broughton
OS Grid Ref. NT 137354  GoogleMap

Map of Rachan and Dreva Hill mapTerrain description

The prominent geographical position of this area is evident from the early signs of both habitation and fortification.

The Dreva Craig Fort together with its twin protector - Tinnis Castle and Fort to be seen to the south east of Dreva - guarded the gap between the Tweed valley and that of the upper Clyde. Dreva’s relatively poor natural protection was in part alleviated by the Chevaux De Frise - a feature rare in Scotland which can be seen by the numerous large stones arranged by man to provide a formidable obstacle to attacking enemies on foot, horseback or chariot.
Portions of the wall of the Fort can still be found on the hill and measure up to 4.3m thick at the base. Remnants of later undefended settlements and of a Celtic field system can still be seen surrounding the northern part of the Fort.

Both natural and man made linear features bisect the map with Biggar Water and the railway line which formerly joined the West coast main line to the Borders Waverley line cutting through the area from west to east and the River Tweed forming the Eastern boundary. The former branch line, which runs along part of the west side of the area, was built to provide transport for the men and material, which combined to build the Talla reservoir to serve Edinburgh with clean water.

Several landmarks in the area relate to the life of Merlin, the Druid wizard of King Cole, the ruler of 6th Century Strathclyde who retired as a Christian to this area. Merlindale and Merlin’s Stone are beyond the boundaries of the map.

The area is currently part of Rachan Home and Dreva Farms which are both owned and farmed by the Warnock Family who have kindly granted permission for orienteering.

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