Thirty First Tinto Twin Day Event 2019

Carmichael Estate - Sunday 10 March 2019

Parking, registration and toilets will be at the Carmichael Visitor Centre which lies on the A73 Lanark to Biggar Road.The start will be a short walk from the Visitor Centre.The map has been updated in 2019 and is at a scale of 1:10000 with 5 metre contours.  After the event, join Tinto at the Event Centre for a complimentary snack lunch to help us celebrate our 31st Tinto Twin.


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Details of the pre-event information


The event will be based at the Carmichael Visitor Centre which is signed from the A73.


Course 1 - 7.2 km - M18, M20, M21, M35
Course 2 - 6.2 km - M40, M21S, W18, W20, W21, W35
Course 3 - 5.3 km - M45-60, W40-50,
Course 4 - 4.3 km - M65-70, M16, W55-65
Course 5 - 3.0 km - M14, M75+, W14-16, W21S, W70+
Course M/W10-12 TryIt - 2.1 km

Entries are available on SI entries. SI Entries
There will be limited entry on the Day.

Start times:

1100-1200 hours

Entry Fees:

Seniors - Bof £10.00, Non Bof £12.00
Juniors/Students - Bof £5.00, Non Bof £6.00


Planner - Dick Carmichael
Organisers - Trish Carmichael and Marcella McLennan
Planner - Ted Finch, FVO

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