Tinto Twin Day Event, SOL7 - 01 Nov 2009

Final event in the Scottish O League for 2009 and the Day event for the Tinto Twin Trophies. Trophies awarded to age classes M/W14 and upwards for combined results Night and Day.

Area – New, extended map surveyed September 2009 by Stirling Surveys.
SPORTident timing.


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Details of the pre-event information


Beecraigs and Witch Craig Wood


Enter the colour coded course of your choice, Black – White, but if you want to be competitive in the Scottish Orienteering League you need to enter the course indicated by the list below (you can run up a course and still be competitive but not down):
Black – M21L
Brown – M18 M20 M35L M40L
Short Brown – M45L M50L M21S W21L
Blue – M16 W18 W20 M55L M60L M35S M40S W35L W40L
Short Blue – M65L M45S M50S W45L W50L W21S
Green – W16 M70L M55S M60S W55L W60L W35S W40S
Short Green – M75 M80 M65S M70S W65 W70 W75 W80 W45S W50S W55S W60S
Light Green – M14 W14
Long Orange
Orange – M12 W12
Yellow – M10 W10

Start times:

Starts 1030-1230 hours

Entry Fees:

Adults £12 non BOF, £10 BOF members, Juniors £5
Combined Night/Day entry £1 discount


Planner: John Biggar, LINOC
Controller: Blair Young, TINTO

Day Event Start List

Day Event Final Info

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Information about the location

Near: Linlithgow, West Lothian  GoogleMap