Twenty Fifth Tinto Twin Night Event

Saturday 27 October 2012 - Carmichael Estate
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The Estate policies first used for the 1988 initial Tinto Twin night and day “badge events” incorporate ancient woodlands, mature woodland plantations, runnable one direction willow crops, fast open recently cropped barley stubble and farmland and heather moorland with quarry holes and will present a good mixed night orienteering challenge with medium climb.

The map is at 2 scales 1:15000 for Course 1 (M21-40) and 1:10000 for courses 2-6 and was updated with revisions by DOLM in late summer 2012.

Planners: Dick and Trish Carmichael TINTO
Controller: Ted Finch FVO
Organiser: Marcella McLennan TINTO

To qualify for the Tinto Twin Trophies you must run both the night and day events in the recommended courses for your age class as given.

Course Combinations
Brown: M21L, M18, M20, M35L, M40L
Short Brown: M45L, M50L, M21S, W21L
Blue: M16, W18, W20, M55L, M60L, M35S, M40S, W35L, W40L
Green: M65-70L, M45-60S, M18-20S, W45-60L, W16, W21S, W35-40S
Short Green: M75-80, M65-70S, W18-20S, W65-80, W45-60S
Light Green: M14, W14, M16B, W16B



Details of the pre-event information


Event Parking and Assembly will be at Carmichael Visitor Centre which is off the A73. See downloadable document for full details.


Courses on offer are: Brown, Short Brown, Blue, Green, Short Green and Light Green
There will be limited Entry on the Night surcharged £1

Start times:

1830-1930 hours

Entry Fees:

Senior BOF Members £11.00, Senior Non-BOF Members £13.00, Juniors/Students £6.00


Entries are now closed but start lists are available at oentries:

Night Event Final Information

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Information about the location

Near: Biggar,Lanarkshiire  GoogleMap