Twenty-Ninth Tinto Twin Day Event 2016 BTO SOUL 9

Lanark Urban Map on Sunday 13 November 2016


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The ninth event in the BTO Scottish Orienteering Urban League will be held on the Lanark Urban Map. Map scale is 1:5,000 with map extension September 2016. The event centre will be the Lanark Lifestyles Centre. Parking will be in the centre car park and enquiries will be in the Centre where changing facilities will also be provided. The Centre includes a cafe (open until 1700 hours) and competitors can enjoy a swim after their event. Please note: competitors will be eligible to have a swim at a 50% discount - £1.85 and why not enjoy the use of the sauna, steam room and a swim for only £3.25. The Centre is located behind Lanark Railway Station and is signed off Bannatyne Street.
Competitors can compete Night and Day to win a Tinto Twin Trophy in their age class. To be eligible to win a trophy, competitors should run in the course assigned to their age class at both events. Results are based on the combined times for the 2 events.

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Details of the pre-event information


Event Centre will be at Lanark Lifestyles located in the town centre Thomas Taylor Avenue, ML11 7DG. The Centre is behind the Railway Station off Bannatyne Street.


M/W Open
M/W Vet (40+)
M/W Super Vet (55+)
M/W Ultra Vet (65+)

COURSE 1 - Open Men
COURSE 2 - Veteran Men 40+ and Open Women
COURSE 3 - Supervet Men 55+ and Veteran Women 40+, Open 3
COURSE 4 - Ultravet Men 65+ and Supervet Women 55+, Ultravet Women 65+, Open 4
COURSE 5 - Junior Men 16- and Junior Women 16-, Open 5
COURSE 6 - Junior Men 12- and Junior Women 12-, Open 6

Start times:

1200-1330 hours Punching Starts

Entry Fees:

Senior 8.00, Junior/Student £4.00
Non BOF members £2.00 extra


Planner: Blair Young
Organiser: Marcella McLennan
Controller: John Biggar, RR
Enquiries: [email protected]


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Information about the location

Near: Lanark, ML11 7DG